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Instagram Pictures Poster Display

Before leaving for her first year of college, my daughter made an Instagram pictures poster to frame and hang in her dorm room. After her first year, she made a new one and left the old poster lying around at home.

The problem: I didn’t want to leave it out where it would get wrinkled and end up in the trash, or roll it up and put it into storage where it would just gather dust and take up space.

The solution: I laid it on her desk, covered it with the plastic insert from an inexpensive poster frame & now she has something nostalgic to look at when she comes back home.

Instagram Pictures Poster + Plastic Insert = Desk Art!

Instagram Pictures Poster Display by tamdoll

I labeled this project “recycling” because this was a creative reuse of 2 items I had around. Actually, any number of pictures, art, or papers could have been used here under the poster frame plastic.

Poster created at My daughter said she’s very happy with their printing and has gotten many posters and prints from them.

If you don’t have an unused poster frame to scavenge the plastic from, here are 2 affiliate links where you can find them:

20x30 Black Poster Frame     


Have any creative re-use stories to share?

DIY Shelves

In September, Michael at Inspired by Charm posted a DIY Picture Ledge how-to, and it certainly was inspiring! With his instructions, and the help of my friends, I was able to spruce up a sparse wall and find a home for the nick-knacks scattered about my space.

before DIY Shelves makeover

The instructions for these DIY Shelves were straightforward, and they were constructed in a short time one afternoon. I can’t really say I did much of the assembly, since I had extensive help, but I sanded, painted & installed them a few days later and that part went smoothly.

New DIY Shelves:

after DIY Shelves makeover

Not as sophisticated a display as at Inspired by Charm, but since I’m the only one who uses this room most of the time, it fits my needs and it makes me happy. I have some toys on the shelves, gifts I’ve received, a glass mosaic project I made, and a Roald Dahl quote that I love from kensiekate on etsy. (The wall is actually a solid color, the lighting is causing that ombre effect.)

Two weeks in a row where I’m mentioning projects inspired by other bloggers. Have you made anything prompted by another website lately?