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Smartphone Photography Creativity

We hold them, and look at them, all day long. Besides keeping us in touch with the digital world, smartphones can be a creative tool.

Nothing fancy necessary – just take a photo. Look through the screen and see your object framed in that rectangle – with just a click, you’ve created something. From there, you can simply enjoy your picture. Next, you can share, crop, filter, colorize, doodle, twist, frame, stamp, and on and on. There are countless photo editing apps out there that you can use to tweak and alter your images. Enjoy the creative process, with the flexibility to “undo” at the touch of a button. There’s no mess to clean up, you can take it in your pocket and go.

smartphone photography creativity with tamdoll #teatagtuesday #yogitea

I have six apps on my phone for photo editing, but I always go back to Pixlr – it’s intuitive, their blog is always informative, and they are constantly adding new features. Give it a try, it’s free.

As for the photo, I love those Yogi Teas & their tags (Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy is my favorite right now*). For more, see Yogi Inspirations.

How are you using smartphone photography to be creative? Have a favorite app to share?